Wiki Use Agreement
The purpose of class use of the wiki is to use technology to demonstrate understanding, to utilize knowledge from many students to increase knowledge of all, to give students greater access to class information, and to increase student use of technology for educational purposes.
  1. Everything on the wiki must be appropriate for school. Everything you create can and will be viewed by others. Treat this site as a place for learning, a place to learn from each other and a place to have conversations. Do not say/write/do anything within this wiki site that you would not say/write/do at school.
  2. When you are editing the wiki, you are changing the information that is published for all users to see. Treat the work of others with respect. You are allowed to edit your group’s page and your general class page only, but you may only do so if you are sure your own information is correct. Any defacing or sabotage of the wiki will not be tolerated.
  3. Only information that is related to the assignment may be posted on the wiki.
  4. You may contact each other via the methods provided by your teachers but remember that all contacts even if they are at home are governed under school rules. If you have any questions or concerns as you work in your group, contact your teacher immediately.

Please keep these rules in mind. We are placing great faith in you and want this type of project to be available for students in the future. Every page on this site is monitored by your teachers. If anyone creates a problem, we will not be able to do assignments like this. We are excited about the project and know that you will exceed our expectations! Please report any technical difficulties concerning the wiki to a teacher immediately.
Violating the rules of the wiki may result in loss of wiki privileges and loss of project points.

Agreement: I agree to the purpose and rules for wiki use. I promise to give my best effort, to write responsibly, and contribute appropriately when I edit the wiki.

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Wiki use agreement adapted from Flat Classroom Project Code of Ethics ( and Mrs. Murphy’s classroom wiki agreement ( Documents/2006-2007/Wiki Agreement.pdf)