by: Sarah

China's Role

On June 25, 1950 the Korean War started and on October 2, 1950 China joined in the war. The leader of China, Mao Zedong said -“If we do not send troops, the enemy will control all the way up to the environs of the Yalu River. They would gradually grow higher and it would be disadvantageous for us in various respects. The whole of the Northeast Defense forces would be pinned down on the front line and the military forces in southern Manchuria would be completely dominated. For this reason we came to the following conclusion. We must participate in the war. The benefits from participating in the war would be very great. The damage from not participating in war would be very great.” When China joined the external image A_US_so.ldi.jpgwar they helped North Korea fight the United Nations Forces.

The Soviet Union and China had become allies with the leaders of Stalin and Mao Zedong. These two countries tried spreading communism around the world but what really scared other countries like the United States is that they are two huge countries which meant that they had big armies. The Soviet Union had also helped the Chinese by helping them train for when they need go to the aid of North Korea.

North Korea had almost been defeated by the United Nation's Forces. They were being pushed back and back toward China when suddenly Mao Zedong sent hundreds of thousands of troops to help North Korea fight back against the UN's forces. The UN's troops were greatly out numbered and they were being pushed back past the 38th parallel, North Korea had won that battle. China warned the United Nation's forces that they were going to help, they even announced it publicly they said "China will send troops across the frontier to participate in defense of North Korea." The United States thinks nothing of this and China does what they say they were going to do and they helped North Korea pushexternal image the UN back.

Mao Zedong was born on December 26, 1893 and lived until the day of September 9, 1976. He was a Chinese Marxist military and political leader and author who lead the CPC or the Communist Party of China. Many of Mao Zedong's supporters said over 30 years after he died that they see him as a really great revolutionary leader. People that support him within China think of him as a successful military and political leader who led to the rise of the 20th century China.

Mao Zedong stepped down from his position after the failure of the Great Keap. Although he was not the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China he still led the CPC or Communist Party of China. After he had led China and even wrote some books, his time was done and passed away. He will always be remembered to his followers as a wonderful leader but not to some countries.

The importance of China in the Korean War was very important. Without China North Korea would have fallen short in battles, they wouldn't have had enough troops to fight beside them so they probably wouldn’t have stayed in the war as long as they did. In one particular battle in which I talked about above North Korea was losing hope because the United Nation's forces had almost made it to China past North Korea when China came and helped them turn the situation around. China helped fight, supply weapons and troops, and give hope to North Korea. So China was important in the Korean War, they made a difference in what happened.