external image s2x59x.jpgBASEBALL IN 1959

White Sox second baseman Nellie Fox got 5 hits in 7 at bats on Opening Day during a 14 inning, 9 to 7 victory over the Detroit Tigers. His 5 hits in a season opener tied the Major League record.

Cleveland's Rocky Colavito hit 4 consecutive home runs at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium to an 11 to 8 victory over Orioles. The Indian hitter joined Lou Gehrig and Bobby Lowe as the only Major League players ever to hit 4 consecutive home runs.

On May 26, Pirates ace Harvey Haddix pitched a perfect game against Milwaukee for 12 innings, but sadly lost in the 13 inning. After Felix Mantilla reach base on a error, Hank Aaron was intentionally walked. Joe Adcock the next at bat belted a 3 run home run for the win. The next day National League President Warren Giles said that the final score should be turned to 1 to 0 because of both runners Hank Aaron and Joe Adcock were both ruled out because Hank was called out for leaving the field during play, and Adcock passed him on the base path.

The San Francisco Giants and the Cubs set a brand new record for the longest 9 inning game ever, after playing for 3 hours and 50 minutes. The Cubs finally won the "marathon at Wrigley" 20 to 9 after clobbering 19 hits and f5 home runs.